1917: Russia’s Red Year

by John Newsinger (text) and Tim Sanders (illustrations)

This stunningly illustrated graphic novel follows the lives of Natalia and Peter, two young people who found themselves at the centre of a revolutionary storm.

In 1917, Russian women workers poured out of their factories on International Women’s Day and sparked a revolution. Defying Cossacks armed with whips, they took control of the streets and pelted other factories with stones and snowballs, calling on other workers to join them.

The government brought in the troops to restore order. But soldiers’ anger at the war, at food shortages and at the injustice of a rotten system exploded on the streets of St Petersburg. They mutinied and joined the marchers.

That is where Natalia and Peter’s story begins. We know where it ends: in weeks the Tsar was gone, followed a few months later by the government that replaced him. By October, workers had taken control. But what happens in that momentous year changed those who lived it forever and has inspired millions since.

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